The Personal Power Coaching Process

I help ambitious people, who want more clarity, confidence and courage to step up in career and life and live to the fullest.

Personal Power Coaching is a learning and development process, which enables you to live the life you want, achieve your full potential, while being your true authentic self. In the Personal Power Coaching process you will create a life which is beyond your imagination.

Coaching is based on the use of questioning techniques that facilitates the exploration of your thought processes, beliefs, stories, shadows, your motivations, desires and potentials, all to assist you in making real and lasting changes in your life and gain personal freedom.

In Personal Power Coaching you are guided in creating clarity and focus around your goals and visions and how to accomplish them. What is holding you back on the way will be revealed and worked through and as a result you will be able to move on.

You will gain a new mind set, perspectives, strategies and inspiration. In Personal Power Coaching you will learn exercises and simple practical techniques you can use on your own to create the life you want.

Heidi’s Personal Power Coaching is rooted in the universal principles: You already have everything inside you to live the life you want. Heidi will help you unlock your potential, embrace your power, and guide you towards making the life you want a reality. You can create a life which is beyond your imagination today.

The Universal Principles

♦  You are 100% responsible for your own life and happiness.

♦  It is your inner world and not the outer world that controls your life and limits you in achieving your visions.

♦  You are only limited by your own imagination around who you are and who you can become. Imagination does not have any limit, so there is actually no limit to who you can become.

♦  You have all possibilities and potentials within you, you can learn to access and embrace them and become what you desire.

♦  What we resist persists.

♦  What you focus on in thought, word and action is what you have in your life

♦  Your attitude determines your state of being

♦  Everything is neutral, it is your beliefs and attitude towards circumstances that define how you feel about it.

♦  You have to change your mind set if you want something new in your life. As Albert Einstein said: The problems we face can’t be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created the problem, and as Gandhi said: We must be the change we want to see.

The coaching style in Personal Power Coaching is all-inclusive i.e. all feelings, subjects, political, religious, spiritual and sexual orientations are welcome. I coach from an open, honest and warm heart.

The coaching process is centered around 7 vital cornerstones to a life in personal freedom. If you are open for and willing to go through this personal and spiritual growth process you can create a life beyond your imagination. How much we will focus on each cornerstone in the coaching process depends on where you are today in your life. All Heidi’s Personal Power coaching programs are based on The 7 Cornerstones – Creating a Life Beyond Your Imagination.

The 7 Cornerstones – Creating a Life Beyond Your Imagination

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