New Year Success Strategy


New Year Success Strategy gives you clarity and a very concrete strategy and action plan for achieving your goals and living your most fantastic year in 2016.

New Year Success Strategy will clarify:
  • Who do you want to become and what is most important for you to achieve in 2016
  • What habits are required for achieving your goals and living your vision
  • Personal challenges and circumstances to be taken into account
  • The mindset and attitude that make your goals and vision come through
New Year Success Strategy includes
  • An intense 2 hours Skype session with preparatory coaching material.
  • We dive deep into the coaching material at the Skype session, so you get a complete strategy and action plan for your most fantastic year.
  • 1 week follow-up via e-mail after the session so you get the best start.
Contact me by email if you have any questions to New Year Success Strategy.

The practicalities: 

You get immediately access to the preparatory coaching material when signing up for New Year Success Strategy. At the same time you book the date and time for your session on Skype in the booking calendar.

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