How do you set the stage for your day?

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Which morning rituals, if any, do you have to set the stage for the rest of your day?

If you don’t set the stage for your day yourself, then people around you will do it for you. Which do you prefer?

The power of morning rituals

Do you feel stressed in morning? or do you give yourself the attention you need to set the tone for the day? When you do your morning rituals such as yoga, meditation, training and journaling, then

  • you connect with your higher self and start the day grounded and rejuvenated,
  • you stay clearer and more focused throughout the day,
  • your day simply becomes more productive and joyful.

Your morning rituals set the stage for how you show up in life and relate to other people.

Attitude creates energy

How you show up, your mindset, your attitude – that is everything.

It is the channel you have chosen to broadcast on, and you will attract what is on this frequency in all areas of life – the frequency of your career, your relationships, your health, our financial situation, etc.

And it is all up to you.

Achieving your goals in life

Practices, rituals and habits support you and I in achieving our goals and living our life to the fullest. Without them, more often than not, we lose clarity and focus and get off track and stuck in the everyday hamster wheel. We must be intentional and have good habits to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Living with intent

Follow your passion

At the moment, I am exploring how I can bring intentional living to the next level in my life. I love exploring. I am a seeker of more intensity, personal freedom and greatness in my life. I love this vibrancy and aliveness that come from being on the edge of my comfort zone.

One way I bring intentional living more to life is by defining daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly practices supporting me in being and living the life I am striving for.

I approach it in a very structured and practical way by defining habits and practices in the four life areas business, health, relationship and rejuvenation.

The daily and weekly practices come easily to me.

The monthly and quarterly practices I have to ponder more on.

I see that, this is where I am more directly confronted with my defined goals and ideal lifestyle.

Am I actually willing to taking the steps that are required to achieve it?

I start with the nicer ones as two and a half consecutive day off from my business every month and an inspiring course or workshop every quarter.

Eliminate distractions

Some of my new practices are about eliminating distractions. For example, I have included “no emails in the morning” in my morning ritual.

Previously I always scrolled through my emails on my iPhone as the first thing in the morning, and I was caught in the hamster wheel.

Now I do my morning ritual first and some scheduled work before I read emails.

This simple change in behavior has had a powerful impact on my energy, my attitude and how clear and focused I am the rest of the day. Try it and let me know how you get on!

Do consistent practices and experience runners high

I have had some resistance towards implementing a lot of practices in my life, because I saw it as a totally scheduled life without any freedom.

Now I have totally changed perspective. I see freedom and power in how scheduled consistent practices pave the way towards my goals.

Consistent practice changes less productive habit to more productive habits.

You know; a marathon runner follows a consistent training practice. You can run a marathon, or whatever excites you, if you set up a consistent training practice. You will experience your “runner’s high”. What will yours be?

My coach and my mastermind group assist me in taking intentional living to the next level in my life and hold me accountable. Who could hold you accountable when it gets challenging?

Rock your world with a five-minute morning ritual

My experience is that even a simple five to ten-minute ritual can set a powerful tone for the day. How do you set the stage for your day and show up in life?
Feel free to share your simple morning rituals in the comments below, where you will both inspire and be inspired.

Let’s get you started!

If you struggle with getting clear and focused on your goals and vision and how to show up in life the way you want, you can join one of my coaching programs. Or sign up for free training with a click here.

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byobrick November 20, 2014, 20:59

I really appreciate your perspective on this.

Charlie November 25, 2014, 21:29

A great piece Heidi, definitely need to focus on the distraction elimination. Love the idea of the morning rituals as well.

Kate Loving Shenk December 3, 2014, 13:08

There is something powerful about taking the time to be proactive, thus eliminating the inevitable reactive approach to life and living. Thank you.

steve December 3, 2014, 15:20

Very good reminder of what we all need to do and what we want to intend for the day.

Love it, thank you

Mr Twenty Twenty December 9, 2014, 22:49

I start the day, every day – with an old Chinese exercise called Zhan Zhuang. It requires that I stand “like hugging a tree” for at least 15 minutes.

This really blows the cobwebs out, balances my energy, and makes me feel great for the rest of the day.

And that makes productivity fun and easy!

Thanks for a great article Heidi!


Christina December 10, 2014, 11:48

Thank you for this post! Your words give me inspiration to be even more specific in my practise. Exactly what I needed to hear right now.

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