Cornerstone #5


Then we move into how to stay on track and focused on creating and attracting your visions. To stay passionate and focused about achieving your visions in life implies that you can stay in the new state of being when you are challenged emotionally, by the behaviour of others or circumstances around you. I will teach you the ways in which you can practice both staying in and feeling confident in your new state of being. In order to be powerful and vibrant in your new state of being it is essential that you understand and have the ability to master your mind. A fundamental part of mastering the mind is an awareness and understanding of the mental construct called the ego (personal self) and the ego’s patterns and strategies. Your ego will be challenged during such a deep process, therefore if you want to free your mind and experience real love, joy and personal freedom in life you will have to understand and free yourself from your ego. Because then you are free to make choices in alignment with your true self and purpose.

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