About Heidi

I help ambitious people, who want more clarity, confidence and courage to step up in career and life and live to the fullest.

#9 Poze - redigeretWelcome! I am thrilled you are here. It has been quite a journey for me to get here and maybe for you too.

I am a Danish Success Coach and my mission is to empower others to dare to step up in career and life and live to the fullest.

I am passionate about powerful coaching techniques and psychological practices that can create real lasting changes in our life. How to understand and master our mind and take the charge in our own life.

#27 Poze - redigeret sort-hvidHow we can use our imagination, intentions, attention and attitude in a clear and focused way as a means to become free and powerful and create the life that excites and fulfill us the most.

My passion for personal growth and striving effort to learn to speak up and step up in career and life has given me an unique insight into what is effective and creates lasting changes.

Training And Inspiration In Personal Power Coaching

Over the years I have completed several kinds of coaching education programs, courses, workshops and personal performance training.

I am trained and inspired by the best in the world, Debbie Ford (certified as Breakthrough Shadow Coach by Debbie Ford), Brendon Burchard (in particular his High Performance Academy and the live events), Tony Robbins & Cloé Madanes coach training program, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within live event and training courses.), NLP teachers and the most outstanding spiritual teachers.

I grew up in the Danish countryside. I worked in horse training but had an accident with a horse where I got seriously injured. That was when I started asking myself some deep questions and my interest in coaching, personal and spiritual development was born.

#7 PozeI decided to change my direction in life and moved from the countryside to the capital, Copenhagen, where I studied economics at Copenhagen University. What a move! I didn’t know anybody in Copenhagen. I came from the countryside where there were more cows than people to a city crowded with people everywhere. Studied with fellow students from a total different background than mine. It was a fascinating and mind-boggling time, and I got drawn to the city lifestyle with all the culture and variety it had to offer. I got my first job as an economist in the prestigious Danish Central Bank and worked for 12 years in total in the financial sector with financial risk management projects.

During these years my passion for coaching and personal  development got stronger and stronger. I dived into coaching and practiced my coaching skills within the financial sector.

I then took the quantum leap and followed my passion to become an entrepreneur and set up my own coaching business. I am now in the happy position of working in the area I am most passionate about today. It has been an exciting journey for me with many challenges, illusionary fears, false beliefs and obstacles (often self-made) to work through along the way.

#25 Poze - redigeret sort-hvidThis journey has required of me to redefine and expand my self-image on more than one occasion and in this process I have worked through many of my self-limiting beliefs. One of my biggest challenges has been to learn to speak up, speak my mind and share my message.

I love to grow and practice Personal Power lifestyle in everyday life. Striving to always walk the talk.

I like to explore life and challenge myself in new and sometimes “weird” ways like walking on fire, participating in darkness retreats, fasting on water and exploring tantra based on crazy wisdom.

I have chosen the most powerful coaching and psychological techniques and exercises which I have experienced and created the Personal Power coaching process The 7 Cornerstones – Creating a Life Beyond Your Imagination. This process can take you on a journey, where you will find your inner power, unleash your potential,become the best version of yourself and turn your vision into reality. Follow the link and you find a detailed description of the Personal Power coaching process.

Do you want to take your life to a new level? Then you can be notified about upcoming coaching programs and receive free training by signing up here.


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